UTV 800
Linhai utv 800 dicplacement:Perkins engine 762cc,three cylinders,4cycle,inline,water cooling;max power:40.8hp/19.72(euro standard).suspension: Double a-arm independent ,double suspension front suspension travel 151mm,rear suspension travel 146mm;2wd-4wd electronic switch;fuel tank capacity:35l;clearance:215mm;cargo box capacity:300kg; towling:800kg;adjustment steering wheel 100mm;option parts:Eps,acoustics,reading light,screen etc.    

LINHAI UTV800 Diesel, As first UTV with diesel engine in the world which is specially designed for aggressive riding on rough terrain.
Narrow road, lack of front and rear overhangs, low center of gravity and a heavy duty motor ensure the ATV exceptional driving performance. The new three-cylinder 800 cc engine manufactured from professional factory Perkins ensures that it bear heavy work and is the most powerful and economical engine. Due to the optimal power to weight ratio, LINHAI UTV 800 Diesel guarantees incredible acceleration, fantastic power and an indisputable advantage over rivals. That is connection with two strong brand in the world
Homologation certificate: EEC T1.

LH800U-2D Diesel
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LH800U-2D Diesel

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